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We are astonished and grateful, from the responses of our fellow hypnosis professionals!

We are very thankful for these people taking the time to write us. From relatively new hypnotherapists to some very accomplished old-timers, we cherish each letter and hope something clicks inside for you!

Gratefully, Randy & Matt


Also: visit our page for Success Examples: actual examples of increased success through implementing the concepts and methods in our programs.

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Testimonials Part II
Regression Hypnotherapy
Advanced Concepts And Methods

As you just read for yourself on Testimonials I, the level of effectiveness in hypnotic work is being improved as the result of our programs and the content we are sharing.

We are very thankful and excited with all the reports of improvement and success our programs are creating in hypnotic healing endeavors.

On this page, Testimonials II, we are very pleased and proud to share some in-depth responses we have been blessed to receive.

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Celeste Hackett

Most people know me as a pretty hard-core 5-PATH hypnotist and follower and supporter of Cal Banyan's work. I love all aspects of 5-PATH and one of the things I love most of all about it is the ability to use other techniques and methods within the protocol. All 5-PATHERS can learn a lot from Randy and Matt especially in the area of releasing emotions.

Randy and Matt offer a wonderful bag of tricks for getting feelings out of your client's body and mind that are causing problems. They have a whole other way of regressing and inducing clients that is refreshing and fascinating as well. I hope you will experience how they do their work, by purchasing their regression package and if you just use one or two techniques from their mode of practice you'll be an even better hypnotist.

I remember one time I was working with a lady who had regressed to the womb. Her mother was having a DNC, after losing the twin sibling of my client. Her mom didn't know there was a twin inside of her. The sheer terror that my client felt during the DNC experience needed to be released so she could be free of anxiety that she had felt all her life. I used Randy and Matt's technique of having the client put that feeling of terror into the pillow through the method given by them.

I had tried several other procedures over several sessions to help her to shift and move from this scene to more understanding and a feeling of safety - to no avail. After using the releasing practice my client was able to not only clear the terror from her body and mind, but, eventually, also let go of depression and anger that compounded her problem. This one technique of simply putting any strong feeling into the pillow has made major change in this and many of my client's lives.

Releasing is always cathartic and Randy and Matt show you how to help your client to easily release and get deep relief by letting go of subconscious emotions. Their regression program offers more than that, but this one protocol is the least you should learn from them and begin using right away.


Celeste Hackett, CHt.
Dallas, Texas

*     *     *     *     *

Joe Meadows

Hi Randy,

Regarding what I have learned from the DVDs and our phone chat a while back . . . people I have worked with, I (and they) are already benefitting from the insights and techniques.

A key insight for me is the added flexibility to juggle Age Regression, forgiveness, affect bridging etc., in an improvisational way. The 5 Path system is a great way to get started in regression work and beyond that the techniques that you and Matt teach help me adapt that knowledge and experience to each client and to my own unique style.

A particularly powerful idea was one that you gave me on the phone, to have the client say various statements and tell me if they feel true or false to them. That, combined with my perceptions based on their body language works like radar to zero in on the key thoughts and feelings. I'm sure I will continue to find individual 'tricks' that will be invaluable, but overall you and Matt have provided a model of how to integrate these various methods into my own work with flexibility and confidence and that is what can ultimately help me to tap into the best that I will have to offer.

From time to time people who are interested in learning hypnotherapy ask me for good sources. I generally recommend a few books and the 5 path course on DVD to get started. I also let them know that in my opinion the baton has been passed to you and Matt, that this is where the new breakthroughs are coming from in this field. I am very grateful for the good work that you two are doing, not only as it affects me directly, but because it is so necessary in this time of social change.

Now more than ever people need answers, and rather than turn to a guru, a bottle or a leader they have the opportunity to turn inward and find their own answers. In that sense I feel privileged and blessed to, in my own small way, be a part of this revolution.


Joe Meadows, CHt.
Ashland, Oregon

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