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NOTE: This was posted on our Regression Hypnotherapy Yahoo Group and is posted here with permission from the author.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Randy, Thank you . . . Thank you for cleansing our mind and igniting our fire, at least mine.

I had wanted to write to you and Matt for a couple of weeks. Hesitated about whether to post it here or not, fearing that it may sound like Randy&Matt-promoting. But here it is.

Thank you, Randy! Thank you, Matt!

I took an advanced hypnosis training before finding you. Without it, I would never be able to understand and appreciate your work. The training laid out very good foundation for me. Somehow I still kept searching and ended up finding you.

This process is just soooo fluid and so uncomplicated, like how any truth feels like. After finding this, I KNOW that I don't need to study hypnosis for x management or hypnosis for y. This is it, healing instead of managing or coping. After watching the training DVDs, I know I've found my treasure island, which is full of gold, jades...

Here is how it has helped me professionally:
2 weeks after purchasing your pre-talk DVD and regression DVD, I rented an office. Set the goal of getting 4 clients for the first month (thank you, Celeste), reached it.

Second month, 8 clients, is reaching it. Goal for 3rd month is 16 clients and then quit current full time job and go full time. Everyone, including myself, is very surprised at the speed this is going, I was ready for a 2 year transitional period, not 3 month.

One lady came in for infertility, was on med for hypothyroid. 2nd session we followed her body and released sth. in her throat area. I told her at the end of the session that even though we are not working on her thyroid issue, since she had some releasing in that area, if during her next check up, the numbers come out normal, don't be surprised. It might be related. 3rd session she said she did have a check up. She asked the doc whether her level could go back to normal. Was told "no way, not a single patient with that level has gone back to normal." A couple of days later, test result came out. The doctor was scratching his head and so confused :) Doc wants to reduce the dosage and maybe stop the med.

Without your training, I know some of the cases would have been tough for me, I would have questions, and may not be able to help the clients who have gone to different modalities including hypnotherapy with no success.

Thank you so much for sharing your insight and wisdom gained through years of experience and searching, and not giving up hope for healing. Bowing to you!

Emily Wang, CHt.
Rockville, Maryland, USA

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