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Boot Camp 2: Recommendations

Boot Camp 3 Reports!

Canada Boot Camp 1 Reports!

April 2011
Boot Camp Success!

November 2011
Boot Camp Success!


April 2012!
Next Regression and Healing
Boot Camp!

April 16-21
In Park City, Utah

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Regression Boot Camp is not just another training course. It is the missing link that ties together everything else we have learned and puts it into easy to understand concepts that you can make your own.

Craig Homonnay CHt.
South Australia

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The Rogue Hypnotists
Video Library

Matt Sison and Randy Shaw sharing secrets of their success of NOT staying within the structured, confined thinking and practices of traditional hypnotism teachings.
There are ALWAYS better methods and ways: one has to be willing to test on one's self, then know it works for others for healing changes.

Rogue Hypnotist Video #1

Do you tell your client you are going to regress them back to an earlier experience, or not? What we have to say goes against much of the teaching you'll find in regression schools.

Rogue Hypnotists Video #2:

The importance of the ISE and the less known importance of the SSE's. Get more healing changes using this method.

Rogue Hypnotists Video #3:

Sonambulism: How important is it really? Do you want bypass or do you want your client to pass tests? It's easier than we were told.

Rogue Hypnotists Video #4:

Remembering and Revivifying: Help your clients be in
"real time" in regressions for healing changes.

Rogue Hypnotists Video #5

Releasing negative feelings via EFT type of tapping, and
what a great induction EFT type tapping is!

Boot Camp 1 Reports.
Boot Camp 2 Reports.

NOW AVAILABLE: Boot Camp 3 Reports!
Boot Camp 3 Reports

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