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About the Companion
Guide Book:

A note from our editor, Jessica Karas, who also is a Hypnotherapist in Lincoln, Nebraska:

I have to say that even though I know quite a bit about the process, and witnessed (my daughter) Sam's sessions, I still found bits in the book that made me say "THAT'S COOL!"

It really gets into the stuff that makes you guys so radically different. This is going to blow people away. :-)

*    *    *    *    *    *    *


When Matt announced that he and Randy were releasing, no pun intended, a new program which would deal with the issue of releasing feelings I jumped at the opportunity to learn more from these masters. I was not to be disappointed. The DVD's and companion work guide are a must for everyone who wants to be able to do the work which we do and do so professionally and elegantly.

Matt, as you know, the core of my work is on releasing feelings, so when I saw that you were introducing a new program which specifically addressed that issue I knew that I had have it. I knew I was making the right decision and was confirmed when I viewed the DVD program for the first time. Today, I finished going through your DVD program on releasing for the third time!

Once again thank you Matt & Randy for creating this program and for helping me to become better at what I do.

Love & peace.
Michael Anthony Hurley, CHt., Bayonne, New Jersey

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Every Hypnosis Professional Should Know And Use

The Power of
Releasing Negative Feelings

Presented by: Results Beyond Expectation, Inc.

This exciting and powerful program is
now available via DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!

Learn the One Most Important Secret
to getting the subconscious mind
to cooperate and accept changes!

Learn how to successfully apply hypnosis principles and methods with the powerful techniques of releasing negative and blocked feelings - to increase your success!

Let's have a talk...

Have you ever worked with clients and not been able to help them produce changes? Have you ever had clients not respond with positive results when you felt sure you did the "right thing," (based on your hypnosis training)? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Here is what frustrated Hypnotists have told us:

  • I used powerful direct suggestions...
  • I used beautifully crafted scripts...
  • I gave wonderful ego strengthening suggestions...
  • I used tests and convincers to deepen trance...
  • The client successfully visualized success...
  • I gave them my best stuff...
  • The client sure seemed "deep enough"...
  • Not getting very good results...
  • Not getting lasting changes...
  • I feel guilty taking their money...
  • These kinds of problems can make you question your own worth and effectivness as a hypnosis professional.

    We Have Good News!

    It's likely there is nothing wrong with you - it is simply that you have not YET utilized the power of helping clients in releasing negative feelings.

    In this program you will discover how
    crucially important it is to help clients release
    the negative feelings and emotions that have
    blocked their progress and positive changes.

    Discover how releasing negative feelings will help all kinds of hypnotic techniques have a much greater chance to succeed. In this program you can learn how to facilitate the releasing that will bring more success to your hypnosis practice.

    You can succeed with client problems that others professionals have not been able to help, once you understand how the subconscious mind wants and needs things done. Then you get amazing cooperation and success, even when other methods have failed.

    Once you learn how to work WITH
    the subconscious mind, The Feeling Mind,
    your success will soar!

    See our sample on

    Discovering the true motivating factors of the subconscious mind is the first step into helping clients change their subconscious programming and increasing your success.

    When the subconscious mind does not respond to traditional direct suggestion hypnotism or visualization techniques, when it seems to be resisting changes instead of accepting and changing, it is telling us that there is a more powerful reason it has to NOT change.

    If you are trying to out-guess or out-think, or overpower the subconscious minds of your clients, you may be getting less than great results and you may be causing more conflict inside their subconscious mind which explains the lack of positive and lasting results.

    By Releasing Negative Feelings you get the attention, respect and cooperation of the subconscious mind, and... this is huge so listen up: Perceptions will change once the feelings have changed.

    Our program teaches you how to accomplish this
    in a hypnosis-hypnotherapy setting.

    What is the SECRET language of the subconscious mind?

    Did You Know that the subconscious mind responds to a different language than we normally use to communicate? Understanding this one powerful aspect of communication can immediately begin to increase your success in hypnotherapy.

    Knowing "how" to talk in the language of the subconscious mind can greatly increase your hypnosis success, no matter what method of hypnosis you are using!

    Did you know?...

  • That using releasing methods is an EASY way to induce hypnosis and get wonderful compliance? Help clients get into hypnosis that other hypnotists were not able to "get into trance."

  • That releasing negative feelings within regression work can make it 10 times more effective for producing positive changes?

  • That releasing negative feelings can help the client get into hypnosis, so they won't wonder if they have been hypnotized!

  • That releasing negative feelings can deepen the hypnotic state?

  • That releasing negative feelings creates space, so direct suggestions have room to stick?!

  • EFT and HYPNOSIS? Oh Yes!

    Discover how to use the Power of EFT at the Hypnotic level - for profound results! Did You Know that using EFT and Hypnosis in combination is a powerful change and healing tool? Learn why the two work together so perfectly - learn how to do "hypnotic EFT" releasing work! More important is that you learn what to do ONCE THE RELEASE IS SUCCESSFUL. This is where most practitioners do not finish the job.


    Learn why utilizing a pillow can help your clients achieve some of the most significant and life-changing releases they may ever experience. This one method alone can facilitate incredible breakthroughs for your clients, and boost your Hypnosis success beyond expectations!

    Three DVDs of Instruction on:
  • Understanding the body's need to release;
  • Why the Subconscious mind responds to releasing;
  • How to combine hypnosis and releasing for powerful results;
  • Why releasing is a "magic" button for inductions and deepening;
  • And MUCH more! Three hours.

  • Our 140 page premier book:

    The Power of Releasing Negative Feelings.

    Here are just a few of the points and lessons in Part 1:

  • Why subconscious perceptions change as feelings are released;
  • How to help clients become aware of "the language of the subconscious mind";
  • The significant and crucial difference between the thinking mind and the feeling mind;
  • The direct relationship between emotions and feelings in the body;
  • What is a good trance and a bad trance;
  • The role of bad feelings;
  • And MUCH more!
  • Part 1 contains 41 pages.

    To view a pdf. file of the table of contents of Part 1 click here.

    There is even MORE in Part 2, it contains 98 pages!

    Here's a small sample:

  • Preparing your clients to release negative feelings;
  • Teaching clients to be aware of the inner-mind;
  • Conscious awareness of natural hypnosis;
  • The Light of Truth in every human being:
  • Identifying the negative feelings connected to the presenting problem;
  • Feeling the Truth in your body;
  • Unexpected releasing experiences and what to do;
  • Creating and building confidence in your clients;
  • What to do when a client says, "I don't feel anything,";
  • How releasing provides incredibly powerful compounding and direct suggestion opportunites;
  • Releasing in regression sessions and abreactions;
  • How to help your clients notice and appreciate increments of success in the session (Which compounds compliance and success!);
  • How to work with overwhelming emotions;
  • Thorough Trouble Shooting sections, and more help and suggestions;
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!!
  • To view a pdf. file of the table of contents of Part 2 click here.

    The Power of Releasing Negative Feelings

    This Program includes:

    3 DVDs with Three Hours of dymanic lessons and
    instruction on The Power of Releasing Negative Feelings,

    Our Companion Guide Book: over 140 pages packed full
    of powerful releasing and hypnotherapy information,
    instructions, concepts and valuable examples with clients.

    The three DVDs and guidebook fit perfectly into
    the Advanced Regression Hypnotherapy program binder.

    We have been told we don't charge enough for our work.
    That's okay, we want to share our blessings.

    OPTION 1: Three DVDs and Guide Book
    Physical product shipped to you.

    The Power of Releasing Negative Feelings
    3 DVDs and Guide Book, only $159.

    Three videos and guide book in pdf.


    The Power of Releasing Negative Feelings
    Digital download,
    To order at this special price: email me at
    I will send you purchase instructions (
    I will send your materials to you via

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    All rights reserved.