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The Dateline Hypnotist

It is such a good thing to watch serious professionals make their mark on our profession. Matt and Randy have their finger on the pulse of regression hypnosis.

Their clear, concise and fluent explanation of their highly effective process for client success is a must have for all hypnotism professionals wanting to add this training (Regression Hypnosis) to their professional skills.

Their passion in what they do comes through!

Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI
The Dateline Hypnotist
Woburn, Massachusetts

*  *  *  *  


Thank you, Randy! Thank you, Matt!

I took an advanced hypnosis training before finding you. Without it, I would never be able to understand and appreciate your work. The training laid out very good foundation for me . . . Somehow I still kept searching and ended up finding you.

This process is just soooo fluid and so uncomplicated, like how any truth feels like. After finding this, I KNOW that I don't need to study hypnosis for x management or hypnosis for y. This is it, healing instead of managing or coping. After watching the training DVDs, I know I've found my treasure island, which is full of gold, jades.

Without your training, I know some of the cases would have been tough for me, I would have questions, and may not be able to help the clients who have gone to different modalities including hypnotherapy with no success.

Thank you so much for sharing your insight and wisdom gained through years of experience and searching, and not giving up hope for healing. Bowing to you!

Emily Wang CHt.
Rockville, Maryland

*  *  *  *  


I've watched (with open eyes and ears) the DVD's twice with lots of notes. In fact the second time my notes were more profound.

I have already applied these techniques to my practice with success. I'm still studying my notes, I just wanted to express my appreciation to Randy and Matt. Your love, passion and dedication for what you believe in, radiate outwardly into my heart. I love you both and recommend your gift to all.

Fran Palumbo
Instructor, Lecturer,
Hypnotist, and
Metaphysical Counselor
Fairfield, Connecticut

*  *  *  *  


Thanks to the concepts and methods outlined in this program, I now have the confidence to use my regression tools when a client's needs call for it. My clients report that they can and do feel the difference.

I highly recommend Matt and Randy's DVD age regression program. It's made a huge difference in helping me help my client's through situations and issues that my previous training couldn't get to."

Wendy Goldstein, C.Ht
San Francisco, CA.

*  *  *  *  

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Regression Hypnotherapy Training
Advanced Concepts and Methods

Presented by: Results Beyond Expectation, Inc.

Now save $110 in the Digital Download!

Learn How To Greatly Increase Your Success
Via Age Regression Hypnosis.

Randy Shaw, Matt Sison

This Program Includes
Three Videos and a detailed Guide Book

3 DVDs: Advanced Regression Lessons
Filled with no-nonsense jam packed lecture, examples,
practical information, tips and suggestions. (3 hrs.)

52 page Guide Book
In depth information about the program, containing some of
the best information and guidance in the world
about healing hypnotherapy.

You'll find our program has great depth yet is
practical and wonderfully adaptable
to all kinds of client problems.

I found a wealth of information in your course which has improved my technique and my clients' outcomes.
Your methods get right to the core of the issue in a powerful and efficient way. And the chemistry between the two of you is wonderful.
I especially appreciate the way the manual explains in detail what is happening in the videos ... Also It is personal and extremely thorough.

Warm wishes,
Lynda Malerstein, BCH, CHt.
Los Angeles, California

Become more confident and successful doing
regression work, for all kinds of client issues
to produce positive, healing changes.
  • Help your clients access the most significant event that, once resolved, can lead to healing changes.

  • Use word-sets that increase success in each aspect of the regression hypnosis session.

  • Work through issues that your clients thought were healed, but are still contributing to their problem. This is the power and advantage of regression work!

  • Confidently help the client bring up the "right" feelings to start the regression process (in alignment with their subconscious needs).

  • Understand the goals within different phases of  regression, so you can feel comfortable throughout the session when guiding your clients into events from their past.

Please see our 8 minute preview.


(If the video above is missing or to the right of your screen,
please view this site with smaller text. If that does not work,
simply get the newest version of Java at Java Updates )

In This Advanced Program Learn Why:

  • Some traditional hypnotic inductions are counter-productive to regression success.

  • Randy and Matt have fun in regressions that would overwhelm most hypnotists.

  • Understand why "just knowing" about the existence of the events and feelings is not complete healing, and why releasing negative feelings in regressions will lead to success and lasting results

  • It is important to find and resolve the ISE, the Initial Sensitizing Event, and why it is important to resolve SSE's, Subsequent Sensitizing Event.

  • It is imperative that you come up with your own understanding and ability to "go with the flow" with whatever the client hands you so you can be ready for anything they present to you.

  • Discover how to access and utilize negative feelings during hypnosis and in regressions, and WHY it is to your client's advantage!

Discover cutting-edge concepts
that help you get the successful results
that many hypnotists would love to achieve!

Discover How To:

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