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Regression Boot Camp is first and foremost about self-discovery, and also about understanding the human mind, understanding how un-complicated hypnosis really is, and how resolution of past events - by releasing feelings which facilitate new subconscious perceptions - can bring healing-positive changes.

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Compliments And Pictures
Regression Boot Camp
April 2011, Park City, Utah

Age Regression Hypnotherapy Training
For the Serious Hypnosis Professional

Regression Boot Camp
April 2011

We have great luck :-) attracting some of the most wonderful people, in the field of hypnotherapy: from California to Pennsylvania to Washington D.C., from Maryland to Florida and even two blokes from the United Kingdom!

(Pictures included below.)

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Comments by:
Piers Day, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom

I have been part of the Regression Hypnotherapy Group for 2 years and have had the DVD's in my office for one and a half years telling myself that I will watch them 'next week'. It was Canadian Wendie Webber and Australian Craig Homonnay who told me to invest in myself - so I did!

I flew from the UK to Boot Camp in April 2011 and was met by an incredible amount of experience and knowledge. On arrival I was immediately part of the Team and made to feel so welcome; it was as if I had known everyone for years.

The information that was given by Randy and Matt was incredible - every session was a chance to absorb techniques and little golden nuggets of information which has given me the confidence to grow both as a therapist but also as a person. The difference between this training and others is that at no time did I feel like being lectured or talked at - this was an interactive learning process where information is absorbed in a practical way, rather than through a manual. Healing the Healer will rock (change) your world!

I would recommend this training to any therapist who wants to get away from conventional (& boring to do) Hypnotherapy and move into exciting and result giving hypnosis where real differences can be made. I described it as going from nurse to surgeon in one week - it is that powerful and above all THIS STUFF WORKS!

Should anyone be thinking of going to Regression Boot Camp and want to bounce ideas please send me an email and I will tell you more about my experiences and may even see you there!

Piers Day,

I forgot to say that I laughed alot!! Also I think I need to stress that I enjoyed it. Piers

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Randy Hold, CHt., Palo Alto, California

I started my Hypnotherapy journey 4 years ago with the idea that I wanted to heal myself as well as heal others. This Boot Camp was the first time where I really felt a noticeable positive shift... and a confidence that I can heal! I know how to heal myself, and it's something I can do.

In earlier workshops from other gurus I felt that maybe I don't have the skills to do this... maybe if I learn to meditate deeper, I'll be able to recall the scenes that caused me so much pain. As it turns out, it had nothing to do with going deeper. I just had some feelings to release first before I could get the insight.

Matt and Randy are the genuine article. They walk their talk; they have a loving way to encourage you at every step of the way. They answer every question from a place of knowing... not because they have an ego that tells them they're smarter than the rest of us, but because they've done the work. They did the work in front of us; total open kimono. How refreshing it is to work with professionals who can help anybody, no matter where they're at in their journey and show them the way.

I never got the sense that they're doing this for money, in fact it was so reasonably priced that I consider it the best value I've ever found. Where else can you take your skills leaps and bounds, make some friends along the way and get healed? It's an event I plan to attend as often as possible.

I am so confident that I can do this process now; my first new client is someone who is losing her ability to walk. Thanks to Matt and Randy, I know I can help her... and that's a huge leap from where I started just a week ago. Thanks Matt and Randy, you're the best I've ever seen and I've seen some pretty prestigious practitioners. You wowed me... not only with the simplicity of the process, but your command of the subject and your genuine and heartfelt desire to make sure every one of us got it... And we did!

Randy Hold CHt.,

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Emily Wang, CHt., Rockville, Maryland

This is the second bootcamp I attended. I came knowing it'll be a different experience every time, because it's a journey inside our hearts. You can always reach another depth, and find another place inside that awes you. Of course I wanted to learn how to have the sessions more effectively and efficiently, so that I can help clients more and have more time with my family. My sessions had been 2 - 3 hrs. I had been trying to find a way to make them shorter without losing any effectiveness. But mostly I was just looking forward to another personal breakthrough, without knowing what that might be.

Boy did I learn how to conduct the sessions more effectively! I took a lot of notes, even though this is my second time, and I have been using this process for 2 years. Because of all the practice we did in class, I haven't read my notes since I came back. They already became part of me. The sessions are so much more intuitive. Even with clients who I might have some difficulties with before, it's working out beautifully, because Matt and Randy are constantly learning how to follow the clients innate wisdom more and more, and we had the oppotunity to benefit from their wisdom and love.

The first time (RBC July 2009) I had some intense releases during the bootcamp and afterwards, to the point that there was some physical detox going on. Since I learned how to do self regressing during the bootcamp, I continued the process and had released years of build up emotional and physical stuff. Amazingly this has helped so much in terms of building up a practice. With building up any practice, you'll encounter different challenges along the way. This process has allowed me to flow with every up and downs, to reach the next level, easily, effortlessly. I found more and more peace, in every area of my life.

This time it's much more gentle. During the bootcamp and right after, I was working through feeling of love. Even a simple exercise we did in training was AMAZING. It was like that happy and free feeling I felt could expand to the whole universe. It is so liberating, to be able to feel love, easily, freely, fully, to experience the beauty inside me and everyone else, to play, and enjoy every true feeling.

If you want your life and career to be easier, more at peace, and have more fun, come to the bootcamp. If you want to experience and enjoy this life fully, come joining us. If you want organic deep healing, come."

Emily Wang, CHt.,

PS: I have been working with my feelings since bootcamp. Had some amazing time and insights. Life is becoming easier, more playful, colorful to me, one step at a time.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Chris Gelder CHP., Leyland, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Hi Matt and Randy

After a wonderful 6 days training with you guys, I felt I had to put something down on paper to let you know how the training has helped enhance what I now do.

Over the past few years I've been on many specialised training courses to ensure that I offer the best service possible for my clients, sadly few lived up to the hype or the promises they made in their advertising, This often left me feeling frustrated at how I would deal with these issues in the real world. Until one of my colleagues who had met Matt recommended the DVD set from Matt and Randy.

On initially seeing the sample videos on YouTube I was intrigued, and on buying the DVD's and watching the live Merle Anne session first, I knew that this would be different, however I wasn't prepared for how revolutionary or different it would be. This prompted me top take the next step of attending the advanced training.

The training that you both provided not only lived up to the initial promises, but exceeded it beyond my wildest expectations. The training is based on real life, real world examples, where we, the trainees, participate and experience the whole process first hand, and is carried out by people who talk the talk, and walk the walk, and are willing to generously share all the knowledge they have gathered.

There are so many gems and far too many to list or name here, every session built on the previous one at a comfortable and steady pace. As a result, I now feel I have a complete process to confidently handle ANY client and ANY issue competently.

Chris Gelder, CHP,





Look Sue, one hand! Chris: a smashing success with the chicken dinner Piers is cooking up.

Fine dinning in one of Park City's restaruants.

A New Base Condo, back yard.

We usually become a "close group" at our boot camps :-).

Warming up our rubbing moves, as in EFT-type rubbing.
(After the official cover picture.)

"Begin Rubbing!" Notice Piers leading.

"And now: Rub Thy Neighbor!"
We work hard during the week,
we play well to celebrate.

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