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Boot Camp 1: Recommendations

Boot Camp 2: Recommendations

Boot Camp 3 Reports!

Canada Boot Camp 1 Reports!

April 2011
Boot Camp Success!

November 2011
Boot Camp Success!


April 2012!
Next Regression and Healing
Boot Camp!

April 16-21
In Park City, Utah

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Regression Boot Camp is not just another training course. It is the missing link that ties together everything else we have learned and puts it into easy to understand concepts that you can make your own.

Craig Homonnay CHt.
South Australia

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Releasing and Healing
Boot Camp
6 Day Training Experience

For the Serious Hypnosis Professional

"Taking this class is a life-changing experience!"

"I have learned more in this Regression Boot Camp than any other training I have attended."

"I found this class to be very uplifting and it brings all of my previous training to a whole new level of skill."

Live Instruction, Live Practice,
Live Feeback!

Boot Camp 3, April, 2010
We had a wonderful time together.
Read the reports, sees great pictures,
see our "youtube" video: click here.

What Is Regression and Healing
"Boot Camp?"

Regression and Healing Boot Camp is first and foremost about self-discovery, and also about understanding the human mind, understanding how un-complicated hypnosis really is, and how resolution of past events - by releasing feelings which facilitate new subconscious perceptions - can bring profound positive healing changes.

Our Advanced Regression Hypnotherapy training program (DVDs and Guide Book), has proven highly successful, and now you can gain even more!

Regression and Healing Boot Camp comes from the many Hypnosis Professionals who have purchased our Age Regression Training Programs and then wanted more! Therefore we created Regression and Healing Boot Camp, to provide an in-depth, in-person training experience, with real practice and live feedback.

Boot Camp 1 (Summer 2009), was successful beyond
everyone's expectations!
Feedback and recommendations
from our first Boot Camp: Click Here  

Improve Your Understanding,
And Improve Your Skills!

Understand Why:

  • "Just knowing" about the existence of the events and feelings is not complete healing, and why releasing negative feelings in regressions will lead to success and lasting results.

  • It is imperative that you come up with your own understanding and ability to "go with the flow" with whatever the client hands you so you can be ready for anything they present to you.
  • Discover How To:

  • Take healing beyond a point that most regression hypnotists will never get to, despite being "right around the corner" from it.

  • Guide clients to "let go" of their thinking mind and let their subconscious mind take them to the events and experiences that truly need resolution and healing. Go to the right places for the right reasons!

  • Get genuine forgiveness in even in the most difficult client cases. (Not forced or compelled forgiveness, but rather forgiveness from personal insight and enlightenment.)

  • Help clients get to the true roots of their problem (the power and advantage of regression).

  • Learn How To Work Intuitively,
    And Increase Your Success With Clients


    "This workshop with Matt and Randy has truly been the missing piece in my puzzle. It is an amazing process; it reaches so much deeper and is so much more insightful than anything else I have experienced before."

    Alexandra A. Bley, CHT, MS
    Mountain View, California

    Get HANDS ON Practice and Experience!

    Now go much further than just watching the DVDs, and gain more than just reading the Guide Books, come work with Matt and Randy! Experience live training, in person, real-time - get the feel for it; Advanced Regression Hypnotherapy training and practice.

    "I think this is what hypnosis is supposed to be, and that this process is the way I can help people heal. I'm very grateful for the training and I'm putting this into practice as soon as I get back home."

    Kim Robert English, CHT
    Ashville, North Carolina

    Now, When We Say Boot Camp,
    We Mean BOOT CAMP.

    This isn't just a 4 day lecture on theory and concepts, to help your clients. This will be a hands on, get down into the trenches and practice, practice, practice workshop!

    I remember (Matt speaking here) being in martial arts classes where the teacher would share a technique and then leave it up to the students to practice the technique. Oh, how it bothered me! Because it would be difficult to find good partners to practice with. Most students would end up only practicing a few times and then talk about other parts of their lives, wasting time, until the teacher came back around to teach another technique. They would literally practice about 10 minutes of 30 minutes that the teacher would allow for practice.

    Not me, I wanted to practice practice practice until it became ingrained inside of my physiological makeup! And often the teacher would have to tell me to stop, so that he could teach the next lesson. My practice paid off as I would end up reaching the top of the class faster then everyone that started the same time I did, and quite often I would blow right by senior students.

    So if you're looking for a hypnosis workshop where all you do is sitback and listen, this is not for you!

    But if you're looking to greatly improve your age regression skills through a combination of lecture and PRACTICE!, then come on over, because Randy and I welcome you with open arms!

    "This process that you guys teach has got so much heart in it, that connection to heart - it clears the way to go home."

    Anne Murphey, CHt.
    Nanaimo, BC, Canada

    New or Experienced, You'll Improve!

    If you already have our DVD programs then great. You will have a head start. And if you don't, then this will be a wonderful introduction to the effectiveness of age regression Hypnosis and its practical uses for you and your client sessions.

    Spend 6 days with Randy and Matt and you will learn tried and true effective regression concepts and techniques that most of the other schools will not teach you.

    Our goal is to help you to increase and expand your success with regression hypnotherapy, and become confident in doing successful regression work for all kinds of client issues.

    Boot Camp 2 was... Incredible!

    Nov. 2009: Read for yourself: Click Here

    Learn Why:

  • Some traditional hypnotic inductions are counter-productive to regression success.

  • Randy and Matt have fun in regressions that would overwhelm most hypnotists.

  • More glimpses of what you will learn:

  • How to use the Pre-talk to set up a smooth flow during the regression session.

  • How to avoid and overcome the biggest pitfall that most regression hypnotherapist fall into: A pitfall that is taught by some of the top instructors in our field!

  • How to setup success with a Pre-talk that has clients WANTING to experience Hypnosis Regression and Release.

  • Consistently set up sessions so that clients (even the tough ones) feel safe enough to emote during your sessions.

  • How to avoid a client saying "But, I don't feel deep enough."

  • The most direct way to get a client to focus inward and go deeper into Hypnosis (without them even knowing what you are doing).

  • Help clients to understand why regression hypnosis may be a more productive modality for them then other types of hypnosis and even traditional talk therapies.

  • *      *      *      *      *     *

    Learn The Concepts, Methods and Techniques that will explode your success with clients, that some hypnotists would not be able to help!

    *      *      *      *      *     *

    And... There Is A Lot More!

    EFT and HYPNOSIS? Oh Yes!

    Many have been asking us how we use EFT so effectively as a hypnosis concept by adding to the original definition of what EFT is (an acupressure technique). Discover how to use the Power of EFT at the Hypnotic level- for profound results! Did You Know that using EFT and Hypnosis in combination is a powerful change and healing tool? Learn why the two work together so perfectly - learn how to do "hypnotic EFT" releasing work!

    "Being here is such a safe haven, allowing us to be genuine and real, and feel safe enough to give ourselves permission to feel whatever comes up. Whatever came up for us, you guys were right there on it. We got to do our own work, while doing the work."

    Wendy Goldstein, CHt.
    Danville, California

    Announcing a huge addition to the
    Regression Boot camp experience:

    Healer, Heal Thyself Gathering

    At the conclusion of Regression Boot Camp, we offer the opportunity to stay and work with the people you shared the experience with, by being both the guide (Hypnotherapist) and the recipient (client). You'll have the opportunity to immediately utilize the lessons and practice of Boot Camp.

    This is an opportunity to perform live sessions with real people and to get the benefit of being "worked with" as the client. Randy and Matt (and perhaps others) can be sitting behind you for support, confidence building and assistance - if needed. To experience regression work from both sides will make you a much more intuitive and empathetic guide.

    Part 1: We'll be doing the live sessions with each other Friday morning and afternoon, and then continue with more live sessions Saturday morning. Then we shift gears Saturday afternoon, walking into very important territory.

    Part 2: Saturday afternoon we focus on helping you accomplish successful self-work, including both self-releasing and self-regressions. In the Regression Hypnotherapy training program, you'll remember Matt and Randy admonishing many times to do your own work: both with another trusted hypnotherapist and then learning to work on - and with - yourself. As Matt says, "healing is continuous," and you will find that learning to successfully accomplish deep healing work with yourself to be one of the MOST VALUABLE skills you will ever learn.

    You'll gain an added dimension of comprehension by attending and participating in this gathering. You'll see why Randy and Matt seem to have such a handle on this thing called regression work and self-healing. Being able to do healing self-work brings you great treasures of knowledge and insight, inconceivable to most people.

    The Value of The Experience: From our first two Regression Boot Camps we had been asked to extend the time that boot campers could work with each other - besides at night and on lunch breaks. There is a great deal of increased knowledge of regression and releasing skills attained at Boot Camp, but also a great deal of personal insight. Thus our decision to invite everyone to stay for an extra two days and actually DO THE WORK WITH EACH OTHER, and have support if wanted.

    Report from Rosa Livingstone, Burnaby/Vancouver, B.C. Canada

    I was very excited to know that there would be a 2 day Heal the Healer workshop added on to the Regression Boot Camp. I anticipated it to be an opportunity to use the skills I'd learned to heal myself as we always have issues!

    The 2 days were in fact a perfect compliment to the Regression training. It gave me the chance to practise my new skills on fellow students and also have work done on myself. This gave me a greater appreciation of what my clients experience thus fortifying my belief in the work I do. It was life changing for me and I observed myself going through the stages of healing, during and after my session. It made my integration of these amazing skills into my tool box much easier and my empathy for clients even more entrenched.

    I thank Randy and Matt for their kind, heart centred teaching and for gently introducing me to a way of doing regression that has opened my eyes and heart in a way I could not have imagined nor anticipated. It is well worth the time to take this course.

    Thank you Rosa!
    Randy and Matt

    Did you read the comments from Boot Camps 1 and 2?

    Don't miss this!

    You'll understand why we love doing these Boot Camps.
    Boot Camp 1 Reports.
    Boot Camp 2 Reports.

    NOW AVAILABLE: Boot Camp 3 Reports!
    Boot Camp 3 Reports

    *      *      *      *      *     *      *      *

    We have much to share, and we are looking forward to spending this "quality time" with you!

    Matt Sison, C.Ht.
    Randy Shaw, C.Ht.

    To get Matt's attention:
    Email: Matt@regression-hypnotherapy.com

    To get Randy's attention:
    Email: Randy@regression-hypnotherapy.com

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