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From Our Regression Hypnotherapy Yahoo Group:

Hi Group,

Last weekend I purchased the PRETALK - watched once and read information twice. On Monday I gave it a try. It works! I noticed a big difference in the A.R. session. The session went a lot easier and quicker.

Randy and Matt thanks again, looking forward to learning more from you both.

Enjoy this day,
Fran Palumbo

Instructor, Lecturer, Hypnotist, and Metaphysical Counselor
Fairfield, Connecticut

* * * * * * * * * *

For Age Regression Hypnotherapy

A Successful Pretalk
Is The Bridge
To A Successful Regression Session.

Pretalk For Regression Hypnotherapy
Discover How To Increase Your Success
With Pretalks That Prepare Your Clients
For Successful Age Regression And Healing Changes.

Question: Is a Regression Pretalk more difficult than a traditional Pretalk?

Answer: No. However, many regression hypnotists have failed to follow through with solid regression concepts and philosophies during sessions, because their pre-talk for regression was "built on sand." In other words, their pretalk did not prepare and thus support the goals of the session.

Prepare Your Clients For Exceptional Success
In Regression Sessions.

What we've found and what we share in this program is that if you take the time to present a well-thought out pretalk, using wisdom and patience, you can help your clients prepare for successful regression work that can literally change their lives - for the better.

In this program, you will find that the pre-talk for Regression Hypnotherapy is quite different than a traditional hypnosis pre-talk. In the traditional model the main points the hypnotist wants to get across are "dispelling fears and misconceptions" about what hypnosis is, and for good reason: so that compliance from the client is achieved.

In a regression session the pre-talk contains the traditional points, moreover, it goes into deeper discussions of regression concepts in order to keep the regression moving smoothly during any phase of the session. We can help you create a Pretalk that specifically prepares your clients to succeed in regresion processes and techniques.

Learn how to set up success with a Pretalk that actually has clients wanting to experience regression work!

Consider the Pre-talk for regression like laying the foundation of a house. Without a good foundation, no matter how strong the framework for the house, the strength of the house is severely compromised and can be subject to weakening with a good push.

By The Way: Do you realize that your pretalk actually starts with your first phone conversation with a prospective client? Your success can start by using wisdom in the words and message you give to your new clients. What you say on the phone can be the seeds of what you compound in your Pretalk. Learn about this set up: how it increases success and makes your job more enjoyable, as explained in this program.

Please take a moment to see a sample of our DVD program.

Your Pretalk Can Position You
For Success Or Failure!

Discover how to get clients to comply with processes and methods that can produce positive and healing changes!

Whenever a fellow hypnotist, therapist or counselor ask us for advice on a particular regression session/s they had or are going to have with a client, almost always we will instantly ask about their pre-talk or as Randy likes to say the "set-up." The pre-talk for regression hypnosis can literally make or break your regression sessions.

After helping them fine tune their pre-talk or "set-up", other hypnotists and therapists often get that "A-HA" moment and understand why they have been "failing" with certain clients. From here they find their sessions going more smoothly then ever!

In this program you'll enjoy many examples and colorful
illustrations of concepts and proven methods that
increase client compliance and desire to work with you.

A Glimpse Of What You Will Learn:

  • How to use the Pre-talk to set up a smooth flow during the regression session.

  • How to avoid and overcome the biggest pitfall that most regression hypnotherapist fall into: A pitfall that is taught by some of the top instructors in our industry - this alone is worth the price of the DVD.

  • Setup success with a pre-talk that has clients WANTING to experience Hypnosis Regression and Release.

  • Consistently set up sessions so that clients (even the tough ones) feel safe enough to emote during your sessions.

  • How to handle the phone call so that clients are positively eager with anticipation to regress.

  • How to avoid a client saying "But, I don't feel deep enough."

  • The most direct way to get a client to focus inward and go deeper into Hypnosis (without them even knowing what you are doing).

  • Help clients to understand why regression hypnosis may be a more critical modality for them then other types of hypnosis and even traditional talk therapies.

  • Utilize the client history forms to better setup your sessions for success.

  • Concepts, philosophies and techniques that you can fluidly mix in with your own process to "make it your own."

  • The Pretalk For The Regression Hypnotherapist

    * * 2 DVDs filled with over 2 hours of lesson after lesson.
    (As others have said about our programs - there are no fillers!)

    * * The In Depth Guide Book detailing the process with word sets and client cases.

    The two DVDs and guidebook fit perfectly into
    the Advanced Regression Hypnotherapy program binder.

    The suggested retail price for The Pretalk program is $119.00

    Option 1: Physical Materials
    shipped to you.

    Two DVDs and Guide Book: we have a limited
    amount of this complete program for
    $89.00 + shipping and handling.

    To order at this special price click here.

    Option 2: Digital Down Load

    Instant download available:
    Two videos and PDF Guide Book
    Only $79
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