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I have rarely experienced teachers with so much heart. That makes the learning profound and the healings so much deeper.

Compliments and Pictures
From Our November 2011
Regression And Healing Boot Camp Experience

Age Regression Hypnotherapy Training
For the Serious Hypnosis Professional

Regression and Healing Boot Camp Experience
Class of November 2011

Some nice comments and
thank-you's from four "boot campers".

Start with lectures and teaching the concepts.

Live work: Liza graciously allowing a follow-up session the morning after (yesterday), where she experienced an intense and very profound session, obtaining an amazing healing experience from childhood traumas.

Watching the work very closely for the subtleties.

Many things to consider and impliment into practice.

Liza stepping up and practicing, after her major breakthrough only a few days ago. Matt watching and supporting Liza as she works with Jean.

A suggestion from Matt to help Liza as she helps Jean.

Lisa working with Dan.

Enjoying a lunch break on the deck - in the sun!.

Lydia *in control* of practice with Randy

Jean practicing on Randy, and doing very well!

Dan doing very well with Jean!

Now Jean has Matt going through the exercises.

One of the morning views from our condo/ Base Camp.

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Wait! There's more! All Boot Camps were great success!
Check out our other great Regression and Healing Boot Camp experiences.

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