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Audio Interviews With
Randy Shaw, CHt.

Interviewed by Alexander Pesenzon, for
(Link) Russian Hypnosis Podcasts

Alexander has been practicing Regression Hypnotheapy in Moscow, Russia since 2009. [Randy writing] I personally have found him to be a dedicated seeker of effective healing methods and techniques. In my opinion, his strongest trait is his sincere and humble attitude, which you can hear in the two interviews below, and also hear his perceptive, intelligent thrist to learn and improve his own understanding to help the people who come to him.

Interview #1. 43 minutes.
Recorded June 10, 2010

In this audio recording Randy talks with
Alexander live on Skype about:
  • Basics of regression for healing changes.
  • An amazing case where 21 years of seizures
    were released and healed.
  • Self-regression work: being able to resolve
    your own past issues.
  • And more!

Interview #2. 44 minutes.
Recorded December 13, 2010

In this interview Randy explains:
  • The importance of SSE's (Secondary Sensitizing Events): Why SSE's need thorough processings, not just the ISE (Initial Sensitizing Event)
  • Starting the Releasing, preparing for healing Regression work.
  • How Randy's (and Matt's) methods are intuitive and fluid, and bring connection and success with clients.
  • How to help clients feel comfortable working with their feelings.

Interview by (Link) Antonio Perez of April 9, 2011.

In this podcast Randy Shaw talks about:
  • Advanced Age Regression Techniques (from tapping, to EFT, to releasing, and more)
  • His own personal journey of healing with the help of his business partner Matt Sison
  • Why direct suggestion sometimes just will not cut it.
  • And much more on Advanced Age Regression Techniques

Audio Interviews With
Matt Sison, CHt.

Psychologist Jenny Lynn from Essex (UK) interviews Matt Sison. This is an excellent interview which touches on everything from how Matt began his career, meditation, hypnosis, E.F.T, working with feelings and emotions and a lot of great information on Regression Hypnotherapy.

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