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Current Adversities Are Set Up In Past Experiences.

By Randy Shaw; CHt.

When clients tell me they have this or that current problem I know something they may not realize yet - their current problem was set up prior to its appearance in their life. They are reporting to me the "symptom producing event," which is the outer manifestation of the inner energy and pressure, which has been growing and accumulating for years. Otherwise, the problem, issue or symptom would not be so intense and out of control.

The old phrase: "the straw that broke the camel's back" is a simple as we can say it.

Even the few clients that do realize that something in the past did set up the current problem are surprised when, in regression, their subconscious mind takes them to "other and earlier" events that need healing resolution work. The conscious/thinking mind is built for getting us through "the now" and is quite surprised to "be shown" by the subconscious mind, what really set up the current adversity.

One case I have often used in my Pretalk is the woman I was blessed to help, who was dying of seizures. She had her "first" seizure at age 14 (fell off a horse and hit her head on a sharp rock). But I knew that seizures are set up in advance and are the body's energy imploding as it is not allowed to release. In session 4 with her we found the "set up" event or ISE, and it was not at age 14 but age 5. Finding and resolving that event allowed her to heal her body- mind and release the need for the seizures.

Matt Sison told me once, as I asked about a client of mine that was not seeing any relief from migraine headaches: "ask her what would happen if she didn't have the headaches." (Ask her in hypnosis.) I had helped her regress and clear tons of junk in 4 sessions, and even though other aspects of her life were enjoying huge healing changes, the headaches remained. She did not come back and I did not get to help her resolve and release that aspect of hanging on.

In fact the seizure client (above) had a major subconscious conflict. As she was healing and the seizures went away (each session saw great improvement as the intensity of the seizures and frequency decreased), she was having a brief blackout period during the week and she came in for her fifth session with the fear of completely being seizure free. (That last sentence does not make sense to the conscious/thinking mind...)

We found the little girl inside (age 5) whom did not want to risk completely losing mom. (The regression took her to the first time mom really showed this little girl love and acceptance, as she fell off a horse and hit her head on a sharp rock. As the little girl recovered over time, mom again grew distant and indifferent to the child.)

I helped her work through the fear of losing mom if she didn't have a severe accident, and two weeks later my client reported being totally free of seizures and the brief blackouts. I called her a year later and her report made me cry with joy, because her life had completely moved forward with healing and confidence. And gratitude.

By the way, that last regression session got started by opening with parts: "that part of you that is afraid of completely letting go, that part of you that feels that the seizures are important..." It was perfect to get into that emotional part of her mind to regress into and within seconds she's five years old - right where the remaining event that needed healing was available to love and resolve.

Randy Shaw, C.Ht.

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