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The 3 Programs:
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The 3 Pack: What a deal!
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As the hypnosis community has discovered the quality and depth of our programs, we've received requests from hypnosis professionals who want to purchase all three programs at once - and soon!

We have put together our 3 Pack: the three programs in one package.

What's In It For You? SAVE $40!

We'll reduce the price from $417 (the combined individual prices) down to $377 so you save $40 right up front!

Having all 3 amazing programs puts you
a hundred miles ahead of other hypnotists.

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Now save $40 on the three high-quality programs,
only $377.

($417 purchased separately.)

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For details about each program and the powerful information you can obtain to increase your success, visit the three links below:

Regression Hypnotherapy
Advanced Concepts and Methods

The Pretalk for the Regression Hypnotherapist

The Power of Releasing Negative Feelings

Note on the physcial materials:

We are currently out of the Binder Regression Hypnotherapy Program. We will have it available in the near future. (Sorry!)

We designed our programs to fit into a beautiful binder to keep them
together -safe and protected- in one orderly place. It comfortably
holds all the DVDs and the companion guide books.

The company we employed to produce our programs has prominently
displayed our binder as an eye-catching, professional-quality design
example for their local clients and at trade shows throughout the country.

Click here to view larger image.

If you would like to read the complimentary testimonials and recommendations about our programs from Hypnosis professionals, visit: Testimonials 1

And another special recommendations page:
Testimonials 2

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